Strength through Labor

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Some suggest that foreign markets are graveyards for entrepreneurial firms to overextend themselves. Others argue that foreign markets represent the future of SMEs. If you were the owner of a small, reasonably profitable firm, would you consider expanding overseas, why or why not?

Given our domestic entrepreneur-friendly bankruptcy laws in the United States I am currently considering (and for a long time have been interested in) entering foreign markets.

Growth and innovation are personal goals as well as successful attributes to expansion into the global marketplace. As a Courier in the domestic market I have become interested in exploring opportunities to apply my trade to a global scale, but have not identified any opportunities as of yet.

My passion is art and music, so producing work to export to a global audience is always appealing, but I am just now creating content that is marketable. Earning an appropriate amount of capital to continue to produce content is an obstacle to pursue this course of business.

As an SME, I am currently exploring my options to work for a larger, established firm that is active in the global marketplace. Substitute services for my courier service are numerous as are substitute products for my writing and painting, so gaining knowledge of the business world has been my main priority over the past couple of years.

I have found overextending my firm in the domestic market an outcome that is just as likely as foreign market overextension. The latter will at least offer new and interesting people and venues.

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