Business and science fiction

Business and science fictionBy Hans Yambler – staff writer

In the modern age the terrible crime of not mixing business and fiction is constantly committed by proletariats and elites alike. 
Insurance salesman and jewelry merchants are all hedging their bets against the rising cost of fuel. Up-and-down, up-and-down the seesaw of the have not’s is reducing its minimum speed.  
Willy Wonka and Johnny Cash are being used to sell us access to dreams that never were are very own. It seems like self service is on the rise but honesty and transparency is being filtered.  
We now have the games of peace reuniting the broken kingdom and we hope that the glue holds, maybe we should put some more rubber bands around it. 
There is no actual substance on this platform, but we are rich with filler. A recent study shows that actual opportunities are limited. In this new gig economy it’s prudent to start your own satellite launching firm.  

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