69 Letters to Shilo


Letters to Shilo

From Unkle Bill W BobChange


Dear Shilo,


Lord Kombucha, save me from this pain.  The world is falling into itself.  The

Oklahellmouth has opened up.  A giant arachnid with the head of Hikaru Sulu came

running by with a 15.24 meters tall pigeon right on Sulu’s hind legs.  after the last liquor

store on earth fell into the Oklahellmouth, the only solace I could find was listening to

“Havel Doug” play that old No-Sho Jones song, “Hello Friend”


Before I die Shilo, I want to sing to you that song.


Hello friend,

it’s good to see you again.  

It’s been so long and

that’s too damn sad,

I know.  For sure.  

I know you’ve worked too much

and way too hard,

for sure.  I know.  

And if we really could

we’d just spend the day hanging out,

like kids.  Ya  Know.  

Skipping rocks and

chasing dreams again.  

Waiting for mom or dad

to call us in, to eat and sleep.  

For sure.  I know.

But now we’re way too old

to have hopes and dreams.   

We’re blindsided by the money machine.

Working jobs to keep our credit clean.

It’s so damn sad,

I know.  For sure.

But, hey there friend.  

I’m glad to see you again.  

It’s been too long.  

Ya know. For sure.  

We’re gonna make new dreams

to keep and memorize

so that we can live in the past again.  

For good.  For sure.

You know?


I’ll see you when the cows come home buddy.

Love and Wordy Words,

Unkle Bill


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