67 Letters to Shilo

Letters to Shilo

From Unkle Bill W BobChange


Dear Shilo,


Sandfires have destroyed the alcoholics anonymous tent at the Brohemian Grove camp

ground.  The fucking Wesleyans think that the goddamned Catholics did it.  Senator

Sandler and the rest of the Jews think the Oklahellmouth Baptists did it.  illuminated

racial prejudice is hilarious.  Shilo, I can not tell you how happy I am that you let me

impersonate you for This Year’s Cremation of Care B-Lot.  Or was it C-lot.  Care C-Lot?  No

that’s not right.  Any-way there is no reason that we couldn’t burn the sacrifices.  The

kids have already been paid for, right?  It’s just like the pyramid disaster.  we could have

completed the pyramid without triggering the earth destroying volcano if the illuminati

had hired a contractor who could draw his own plans.  Shilo, you wouldn’t believe that

those fools were still using the same old blueprints that were drafted back by the Vixen

Administration.  Dick Trick himself added the fucking bowling alley into the design.  

Who would have thought the world wouldn’t have room for one more bowling alley?     


Strikes and Gutters, Love and Wordy Words,

Unkle Bill

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