62 Odium on the Podium

Notnek’s City Hall Speech


“Hello Normal Towne.”, says Notnek.


<<Notnek stands in front of the podium 

and raises his hands and hooves.  he is 

wearing a wireless microphone on the 

lapel of his Hawaiian shirt.  the crowd 

shivers like grass rustling in the 

Oklahellmouth breeze, and their talking 

stops.  Notnek walks around behind the 

podium.  his cow appendages fold neaty 

behind his back.  he grips the podium 

with one human hand and waves his 

words to the crowd with his other hand 

while he speaks, odium on the podium:>>

“Friends, I am here today to lead us 

forward.  Forward from the chaos of the 

days gone by.  Because you trusted me to 

make things right.  I vow not to violate that 

trust.  But, at the same time, I will do what 

is best for our town using all the power I 

have at mydisposal.  The Cowman and 

Human lives of those who do not follow my 

leadership will be nasty, brutish and short; 

whereas those who play by the rules will be 

rewarded with lives that are filled with 

pleasant days, relaxation, and that are of 

considerable length,”, says Notnek.  


<<Notnek leans forward, takes off his 

glasses and starts to list of a long list of 

new Normal Towne rules and regulations.  Notnek discusses everything from interpersonal relations to public beheadings.  crime and punishment.  talky talk talk>>


“Oh, and one more thing, Finnegan 

L’Argent du Sang, you are under arrest.”, 

Notnek says.              


<<Notnek claps his hands together and 

several several-armed guards surround 

you, Jaybee, Star, Dasha and Tony the 

Meat Guy.  Free Dave walks up to you 

and secures your hands behind your 

back with a zip tie>>


“Sorry bud, Bosses orders.”, says Free Dave.


<<apologizes without really apologizing.  

Finnegan, you are led, trussed up, to 

stand next to your former employer.  

your former employer is now the Ruler 

of the city you call home.  this is an 

added bonus to your questionable health 

and your family life in shambles.  the 

melted cheese to your rejection pizza.  

the ice cubes in your binge drinking 

gallon jug.  life does get more horrifying 

than this, but only in stories that you are 

too afraid to read>>


Work on 52 week song


<<Finnegan, you are hiding in time.  you are hiding in your mind.  a magick spell.  

you remember the time you were an initiate in a coven of withes in South West



“I think my greatest loss was my art studio.”, you say. <<to the circle of naked humans.  

you all stand in the red dirt circle in the moonlight.  the circle is at the intersection

of the Choctaw and Arcaneya rivers.  you do not talk about your time with the

Witches of Rush Springs to anyone.  a secret in a box in the back of your mind.  

after your time in the military you move your portable liquor store to a small town

south of Oklahellmouth City, south of Normal Towne.  you studied magic’s in books

written by members of the Platinum Twilight.  you studied Tarot with a group of

refugees calling themselves the Weir Witches.  the refugees came from all over the

globe.  they a practice they called vegetable magic.  this sounds like having sex with

supermarket produce but although the magick was at times sexual in nature, the

witches did not copulate with corn cobs.  i am not comfortable discussing the things

you and these other humans did with yourselves during your stay with the Witches

of Rush Springs, but let me just say it all ended with a prayer called the 52 Week




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