57 Letters to Shilo

Letters to Shilo

From Unkle Bill W BobChange


Dear Shilo,

I found God.  I know, funny coming from me.  Right?  But it is true, I found Kombucha.  

There is a magical elixir that one can purchase or make oneself, that cures the sickness

brought about by the poison.  

I met Günther W. Frank last month, when I was hanging out at the illuminati summer

retreat in Bükk National Park.  We were a couple hours hike north of Eger, HungGary.  

Mister Frank told me about his work with the Russian military in developing a secret

formula to heal the human body from damage to the organs brought about by the demon

alcohol.  Since before East ‘Merica’ was East ‘Merica’, the Russian people have been

characterized as heavy consumers of liquor.  I think that is a bit misleading.  The

Russians that I have been lucky enough to drink with always offer me their extra shots.  

But either way, Mister Frank found the most effective cure and preventative medicine

for alcoholism is an ancient folk brew of fermenting tea.  A mushroom looking bacteria

of a helpful nature is let loose to grow in a newsy brewed batch of tea.  A few cups of

sugar are added to the friendly bacteria tea and the potion is left covered in a dark cool

area for seven days or so.  The resulting beverage is delicious and rapidly acquires

additional strength.  Some may wish to consume the tea before it becomes too strong.  

The earlier in the fermenting process the more sweetness the beverage has.  The longer

you let it brew, the more sugar is consumed by the bacteria.  The beverage becomes less

sweet, but more powerful in its healing capabilities.


Well enough of that lecture for now.  I will have more to say on the cure for cancer soon.  


I leave you with a poem by the great Pirate Paul,



The Endless say say say, I can’t hear what you say.  Murder in the red barn.  Buddy moon

keep walking, I am the breathing champion.  


The stages:

  • Sounds like loneliness.  Never again go to meetings.  Controlled, once in awhile.  A bit too much.  Oh fuck yeah.  Damn.  Bloody hell.  I’m dying.  What does after death smell like?   
  • Look at the empty box on the shelf in the back of your cave.  put your fear back in there and play with it later.
  • becomeme……………………………………………………………………………………Pirate Paul

    Love and Taco Trucks,

    Unkle Bill


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