65 Künstlerroman

illuminati hiding


“Have you ever read a Künstlerroman, Doctor?”, asks Yukio.


“A what?”, asks the Doctor.


“It is an artist’s novel.  A narrative of an artist’s growth to maturity.”, says IshiZuka.


<<the Brothers stand in the doorway of the Doctor’s study.  Baby Thor stands

between them.  Baby Thor hold a plastic toy hammer in one hand and a MyPhone in

the other.  video game noises are emanating from the MyPhone.  the Doctor is going

through pages in his notebook and pages on his computer screen.  Limothy Tearany

stands across the desk from the Doctor.  when Tearany sees the Brothers and the

Child enter the room, he turns to stare out of the window.  the sunshine on the

beach outside absorbs Terrane’s mind>>


“Happy families are all alike Doctor.  Every unhappy family is unhappy in it’s own way.  

Be it betrayal in general, or adultery or zombie apocalypse or some other minor abuse.”,

says Yukio.


“What are you going on about Tolstoy?”, says the Doctor.


<<bitterness sours the Doctor’s voice>>


“We are all part of a family Doctor.  The Human Family.  The illuminati, specifically your

Father and Doctor Tearany, wish only for the long term happiness of the entire family.  

To live long and to prosper, to go forth and multiply; we seek to spread the seed of earth

all across the universe.”, says Yukio.


<<IshiZuka walks to Ruben’s desk and places an old leather bound book next to the

Doctor’s computer>>


“We are all just stories Doctor.  Let us make it a good one.  Remember that they’ll kill the

actor in the end.”, says IshiZuka.  <<a.k.a. Zukio by his brother Yukio>>


<<the Brothers nod to the Doctor.  Ruben looks to Baby Thor.  Baby Thor looks at his

father, nods and turns to leave with the Brothers.  the book bares the title, “the

illuminated ones” in a language rarely seen by the Doctor.  Ruben raises his eyes to

meet Doctor Tearany’s gaze>>


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