64 His Cowhead Continues to Chant

<<from the door of City Hall emerges a duplicate of the evil employer you are

begrudgingly standing next to.  this doppelgänger is immediately familiar to you as

the Cowman who stormed into “Oh My, Antoine!!!”’s and battered, blew up and

immolated the place.  Notnek from the future strolls down the steps of City Hall and

you notice two things:


  1. Notnek of the future has perfected that pimp walk ha has been attempting since the 1970’s.  additional limbs have helped his endeavor.
  2. he is dragging what looks to be a statue of the Dishwasher, A.K.A. Hopskotch Sunday B.S.A.>>


<<you gasp at the sight of your petrified partner in art. the friends gasp.  Free Dave

gasps, as he has just dropped his last cigarette.  Notnek from the present day

grumbles to himself and fishes out his pack from his Hawaiian shirt pocket.  he

tosses the pack at Free Dave’s head>>


“Well, what did you go and make that thing for?  A statue of my Dumbass Dishwasher?  I

thought you didn’t or I still don’t like him in the future?  Are you trying to turn the

people of Normal Towne against me…err…you, before you, I, prance off back into the

future?  Answer me you Nancy!”, says Present day Notnek.


<<Future Notnek laughs at the arrogance of his former self>>


“No bud”, <<the future lord of the cows states his mission,>>  “I am going to stay here

and make sure the future becomes what I will it to become.  I want you to go back to the

future in my stead.  Rule the army that I currently have in place.  Enjoy yourself.  Reap

the benefits of your work without having to live through the centuries of toil itself.”, says

Future Notnek.


“Well…that sounds like an offer that I just can’t refuse.  It’s nice of me to do something so

nice for me.  Don’t you think, Finnegan?”, says Present day Notnek.   


<<P.D. Notnek claps his hands and hooves in jubilation.  from the doorway of City

Hall F.D. Notnek raises four limbs to the audience and then to the sky>>


“And now, a word from our sponsor…”, says Future Day Notnek.


<<Notnek of the future then doubles over as if in pain and the cow head on his

human back opens its eyes and mouth and speaks,>>


“319!  And I say unto thee in order to honor thine offer to get off on her your Honor, Dear

Hopskotch and Finnegan be still.  Witch both did.  Prompt.  iD.  Eh, chrystal holder Hop

hath no choice?  Save Bucket o’ Blood owner that had rheumaniscences in his new and

used netherlumbs. – – By the drop in his groin, Ali Slupa reverse ,thinks the kentoN,

plumbing his liners, we were heretofore…..fore to me here. – – And be the coop of his

gobos be eye rid of those Hobos, Reacher the Thaurd, Travle the web is not hard unless

you thinks  your girth fatter, apopo of his buckseaseilers, but where’s Horace’s courting

trousers? – – I put hem behind the oasthouse, said Pukkelsen.”, says the F.D. Notnek



“What the hell?!”, says Free Dave and Present Day Notnek <<in jinx worthy unison>>


<<Future Day Notnek cuts his human arm and rubs blood into a tattoo on one of his

cow limbs.  his Cowhead continues to chant,>>


“Again 319!!  Night for my lifting.  Hillyhollow, valley low!  With the sounds and the

scents in the morning.  – – I shot be  shoddied, throttle me, fine me cow-heel forever,

usquebauched the ersewild ale conner, for bringing briars to Bembracken and ringing

rinbus round Demetrius for, as you wrinkle time wryghtly, bully bluedomer, it’s a

suirsite’s web stircus haunting histories round old volcanoes.  We gin Y.A.A.R.’s too gnir

and thus plinary indulgence makes collemullas of us all.  But Time is for talerman testing

his tap.  Tiptoptap, Mister Maut like Finnegan to Notnek, Hopskotch along the way.  He

made one summery (Cholk and murble in lonestime)  of his three swallows, like Anansi!  

I call thee!  Anansi!”, says F.D. Notnek’s Cowhead.


<<with those words the daytime sky is torn open above P.D. Notnek and Finnegan’s

heads.  a string falls from the sky.  no, a spider’s web descends from the darkness

emitting from the tear in reality and time.  and down the web strand slides a giant

spider with the giant head of a man>>


&&&anansi the spider image&&&


“Man, I hate working with you Notnek, but I must admit you did magick with that

passage there!  Your words were like butter.  They were!  What can I do ya for?  You…

crazy freak show, you., says Anansi the Spider.


<<the giant inter dimensional  time traveling spider with the head of a sci-fi god

looks down from one Notnek to the other.  Notnek from the future smiles and bows

while crossing one of his four arms across his Hawaiian shirt clad chest.  F.D.

Notnek talks and walks down the steps of Normal Towne’s City Hall.  the fiend from

the future drags the Hopskotch Sunday statue down the stairs with a rope tied to it

and slung over the Cowman’s shoulder.  the owner of the Bucket o’ Blood smiles up

at Anansi and says,>>  “I was hoping that I could talk you into returning a few things to

the future for me Anansi.”



<<Anansi the Spider and Notnek of the future exchange a few words in private.  

Future Day Notnek then returns to his old self>>


“A few things to return to the future?”, Present Day Notnek asks.


“Oh yes, just you and some, some books I picked up from some friends back home.  You

don’t mind carrying them back do you bud?”, says Future Day Notnek.


<<Future Notnek hands several volumes to his younger self and instructs himself to

go with Anansi.  Anansi leads Today’s Notnek to the Web of Time and instructs the

Cowman to climb.  Notnek wave goodbye to Normal Towne, all of the remaining

citizens and the Twenty First Century.  when Today’s Notnek was up the web and

out of sight and hearing range, Tomorrow’s Notnek instructs Anansi to take the

Cook and the Dishwasher to the future and,>>  “Drop them off somewhere really

unpleasant.”, says Future Notnek.


“I find everywhere in 4325 is unpleasant man, every time.”, says Anansi the Time

Traveling Spider.


<<Anansi shakes his human head as he takes the rope tied to Statue Formerly

Known As Hopskotch Sunday in one spider leg and wraps another spider leg around

your leather jacket clad waist.  the giant George Takei headed spider draws close to

your face and speaks,>>  “Let us go for a ride Love.”, says Anansi the Spider.


<<Dasha and Star and Jaybee and Tony the Meat Guy watch in confusion, terror,

amazement and mild amusement at the reality paradigms shifting before their



“Time to leave” <<says the Spider to the Cook.  and with a tug and a pull and a zip

and a pop!, the travelers were out of this time and the shy shone brightly again over

the Oklahellmouth>>


<<Finnegan, you sure are gone>>


I am, aren’t I?


<<Dasha, Jaybee, Star and Tony all stand together drowning in despair.  Notnek of

the Future smiles and walks back up the stairs of City Hall.  The owner of the Bucket

o’ Blood walks into City Hall like he owns the place.  Laughter echoes from the

building when he shuts the front door.  Free Dave looks at Dasha and Star and gives

each of them a weak smile>>


“Bitch get out of here.”, says Star.


<<Free Dave reluctantly leaves the humans and joins the Cowmen and Horde

members in City Hall>>        

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