50 Please illuminate me on that

Please illuminate me on that


<<Ayn Rant is on the front porch smoking Time away.  gAberaham sLinkcolin is in the bathroom leaving the past togo down the drain.  Lush Rimbaugh is buying a bag of pills from a courier from Tangiers.  Limothy Teariny is writing letters on a typewriter to a Dagon tribeswoman in Naww Leans.  Ace L’Argent du Sang is watching Ruben watching IshiZuka and Yukio play with Baby Thor.  Baby Thor is asking Uncle Yukio when they are going to go see mom……>>


Baby Thor!!  I want my son.


<<and people in Hell want ice water.  yours is not the family life Finnegan.  you are gifted with life after you should have died in a drunken crash.  go boom.  lotsa doctors put you together.  i hear Humpty Dumpty was not so lucky.  but atleast you have me and all of the rest of the heard to keep you company>>


&&series of illuminati drawings and finnegan and the virus&&&


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