49 Letters to Shilo

Letters to Shilo

From Unkle Bill W BobChange


Hello Friend.  It’s good to see you again.  I am wearing my aluminum foil hat again.  Yesterday I had to chase a cop car full of Storm Troopers away from my homeless buddy who was sleeping in my alley while simultaneously being black.  A capital crime in ‘Merica’ to be sure.  Let’s get this straight officer,I am not homeless, I live here.  Sure I know it is an alleyway.  Right.  How are these things packaged and sold to the people of this country?  

Shilo, let’s draw and paint and finishing putting that puzzle of the lasagna eating cat.  It’s all an elaborate illuminati plot.  I invented the pure battery.  I’ve got a hydrogen bomb in my belly.  I have been working on a simple fry bread recipe.  I heat a pan with a table spoon of olive oil on the old hobo stove.  The fry bread mix is just a couple cups of flour (whatever kind you like) and a tablespoon of baking powder and a couple teaspoons of salt.  I also like to add paprika and turmeric and garlic powder to taste.  Perhaps some dill or parsley to boot.  Water down the dry stuff to the point that the mix is a pourable batter.  Pancake consistency is how I like it.  I also enjoy using buttermilk as the liquid in the mix.  Make each piece of fry bread as big or as small as you like.  Or go eat some raw vegetables if you are trying to loose weight.  I’m going to have some more fermented potato juice.


Love and Taco Trucks,

Unkle Bill        



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