44 Meanwhile at the Bucket o’ Rubble

Meanwhile at the Bucket o’ Rubble


<<you were not there to witness this Finnegan, so i will fill you in.  what was once

known as the Bucket o’ Blood is now nothing but a pile of rubble and smoldering

ash.  the fire trucks and police cars have come and gone; gone on to other Normal

Towne emergencies.  there do seem to be alot of emergencies lately.  no-one no,one

none from the Bucket o’ Blood was carried away in any ambulance.  according to

the report there were no bodies dug up from the pile of former building materials

of what used to be a rather crowded restaurant.  Benjamin, the homeless guy who

lives in the alleyway said that the responding emergency crews did not remove any

humans from the fallen restaurant during the entire operation>>  “Just put out the

fire and go.”, said Fire Marshall Fougueux.  <<and that is what the Horde’s firemen



<<now that the sun has set and the rest of the citizens of Normal Towne are busying

themselves with chaos of their own; the rubble pile on the corner of Heart-Attack

and Whine starts to move.  slowly look down upon the debris that was the Bucket o’

Blood and you will see a body grow up out of the ground.  first a hand and then

another climbs up from below.  rocks get pushed from side to side and finally a

Hawaiian shirt starts to emerge.  Notnek jumps up from the remains of his Bucket

o’ Blood.  the Boss lands on his feet.  Notnek surveys the  landscape around him and

is momentarily confused.  confusion quickly changes into Notnek’s characteristic

rage, when he lets loose a monstrous cry up to the heavens>>


“Hey!  Quiet down up there.”, says a voice from the ground.


<<the unfamiliar voice creeps up to Notnek’s ears from a rubble pile to his left>>  


“Yeah, let’s not attract too much attention just yet.  Huh, Boss?”, says another

subterranean voice.


“Who said that?”, says Notnek.


<<Notnek looks from left to right and back again>>


“It’s us Boss.”, says the second unfamiliar voice.


<<painfully slow and seemingly painfully painful, two entities free themselves from

the destruction and shake loose the bits of restaurant that cling to their bodies.  the

term “bodies” does not accurately describe the sources of the voices that respond to

Notnek’s cries of impotent rage.  these two “things” are what Dubbya B-television

prop designers have nightmares about.  Notnek looks at the two beings in front of

him in shock and disgust>>


“What the hell?!  Junior!!?!!”, Nonet calls out.


<<the angry Boss looks in search of his kitchen manager.  presumably to get her

(you) to “clean this shit up!”, but as you are elsewhere and occupied, that is not

really an option.  Notnek’s confused and reformatted mind quickly realizes these



“Calm down Boss.”, says Some…Thing One.


“Yeah let’s talk this out before we overreact.”, continues Some…Thing Two.


<<infront of Notnek stand what can only be described as two giant meatballs with faces, legs and free hanging genitalia>>


“You’re the things that ate my customers!  The things that destroyed my restaurant!”,

accuses Notnek.


“Now calm down Boss.  we are, and you are also now, part of something much bigger

now.”, says Some…Thing One.


“Yeah, can’t you feel the call?  Don’t you feel the hunger?”, says Some…Thing Two.


<<Notnek reflects and looks at his recently rebuilt human hands.  Notnek thinks



“Part of…wait, wasn’t I covered in blood and full of broken bones a few minutes ago?”,

says Notnek.


“Mmmm Hmmm.  And mighty sore about it too.”, says Some…Thing One.


“I was hit by the blast of the explosion that brought the roof down.  I was trying to pull one of you off of Lawyer Bob when pieces of the kitchen came flying at us.  The exploding kitchen then covered us in this pile of restaurant that we now stand upon.”, says Notnek.


“Right you are.  You landed upon us as we were enjoying the last bites of Lawyer Bob.  

The exploding restaurant hurt me and Some…Thing Two pretty bad.  We heal super

quick because of what we are part of.  We are part of the Horde.  Some of our blood

seems to have healed you also.  You have been made anew and become one of us.”, says

Some…Thing One.


“Yeah!  One of us!”, chants Some…Thing Two.


“I suppose so boys.  One of you…  Well, I am hungry.  I seem to need more blood and fresh meat to finish healing.  And yes, I do hear the call of the Horde.  Who do we eat on the way to the stadium?”, says Notnek.


<<Notnek’s low, evil villain monotonous voice sounds just right for this conversation.  the

three creatures walk out of the remains of the Bucket o’ Blood and towards the sound of



&&rear shot of Notnek with his hands atop thing 1&2’s head as the walk down the road to town&&


<<the three monsters eat anyone unlucky enough to be in their path.  Notnek

continues to heal his broken body with the blood and bone of the innocent.  Some…

Things One and Two form and shape their bodies as they desire.  much to Notnek’s

amusement, his two meatball companions take the shape of giant walking

hamburgers…with free hanging genitalia>>


“Could you guys at least borrow some pants from the next couple of folks we eat?”, asks



<<and so they do.  kind of>>


&&some..thing one and two in underwear&&





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