47 Big Trouble at the Football ‘Merican’ Style!!! Stadium

Big Trouble at the Football ‘Merican’ Style!!! Stadium


<<there was no talk of resistance to Notnek’s proposal considering the trouble you

and the Friends had dispatching the one zombie cow back at Block n’ Calls.  you and

the Friends verbally agree to accompany Notnek and Co. across the street to the

stadium.  a view of the stadium from above shows that the humans are brought into

one end of the stadium and their hands and other useful body parts are taken out of

the other end of the stadium.  the human meat products are transported by McCow

Towne Meat Company trucks to food source and cow strong holds across the

expanse of the Oklahellmouth.  Notnek and his brood have different ideas about

who should be in control Normal Towne than the Horde members that are

currently running the operations at the stadium.  this struggle for power is bound

to get you and the Friends killed.  and to add insult to injury Notnek decides to steal

most of the weapons you have stored in your borrowed brown package truck.  

stolen stolen weapons.  while Notnek’s minions arm themselves at the package

truck, the Friends talk amongst yourselves, quicky brainstorming on the best way

to improve the odds of y’all’s survival.  i really do love using the local vocabulary>>


“A riot among the Normal Townies would help the stadium takeover.”, Hopskotch says.


Dasha says, “Getting the docile line of humans outside the stadium to riot would be very



<<during her stint at Ticky Tacky University, Star was a media and broadcast

journalism major, once upon a time.  she was educated on how to run live video

over various screens accessible to the public; specifically the enormous video

screens that hang overhead both inside and outside of the Football ‘Merican’

Style!!! Stadium>>


“If we want a riot I say we broadcast what is going on inside the stadium behind the

partition wall, for the viewing enjoyment of those about to be dismembered.”, says Star.


“How do we do that?”, asks Notnek.


<<your Boss has joined your group and his minions have turned their heavily

armed attention toward Star>>


“Well first off, we need a computer with access to the University’s internet.”, says Star.


“Wait right here.”, says Notnek.


<<Notnek leaves you, Star, Dasha, Free Dave, Hopskotch, Curtis, and the two

hamburger underwear monsters to stand in awkward silence next to the Football

‘Merican’ Style!!! Stadium Parking Garage.  Notnek walks away from the garage and

up to the line of humans standing outside the stadium.  Notnek walks along the line

of Normalites looking for a human with a laptop computer.  he spots a teenage boy

watching cartoons on an expensive looking BacMook Pro>>


“Hey kid.  Give me that.”, says Notnek.


“Go to hell old man.”, says the youth in reply.


<<the child does not even break eye contact with the screen.  an adult male standing

near the video watching youth eyes Notnek and his blood spattered Hawaiian shirt

and starts to get nervous for the boy’s safety>>


“Sir, that is all my son has left of our home.  The monsters destroyed it all.  I am sure you

can respect the loss.”, says the father of the rude laptop wielding child.      


“Sure, I can understand loss.”, says Notnek.


<<Notnek casually walks up to the father and puts a comforting blood covered hand

on the man’s shoulder>>


“Now understand this!”, shouts Notnek.


<<the other humans in the line outside of the Football ‘Merican’ Style!!! Stadium

turn to look in Notnek’s direction.  even the video watching child stops watching the

video to look up.  everyone’s eyes are filled with the sight of Notnek ripping off the

father’s left arm and using it as a baseball bat to hit, first the father and then the

son, across their faces.  the humans are knocked to the ground.  several people in

the crowd scream.  a few run away in terror from Notnek and the broken family.  

Notnek throws the arm back to the fallen father and then reaches down to pick up

the video watching youth’s laptop computer.  Notnek smiles, says, “Thanks!”, and

walks away from the scattered humans>>


“Here you go Star.  I borrowed this from some kid around the corner.  Take care of it, it’s

the only thing he has left of his home.”, says Notnek.


<<leaving Star to work on the computer in wonder at his words, Notnek walks back

to his motley crew of minions behind the parking garage.  Star uses the laptop, the

Ticky Tacky University internet and the Football ‘Merican’ Style!!! Stadium’s

various security cameras to film and display the massacre of humans inside the

stadium.  using the stadium’s built in cameras was suggested by Curtis.  he

formulated this plan while recalling all the time he spent watching the Dick

Monald’s drive through security footage back at the restaurant he and his dead

undead mother were born at.  the plan works.  the crowd riots. you, the Friends and

Notnek and Co. lead the angry mob into the stadium and a large battle ensues.  

several of the Horde leaders are killed.  one of the leaders latches on to Notnek,

merging with him.  out of this merger births an instant unification of Notnek and

Co. and the remaining members of the Horde.  the new Notnek-run Horde decides

to escape, leaving the humans to destroy the stadium.  you and the Friends and the

other Normalite humans kill off the bewildered human slaves and many lower

minion cow zombies.  the New Horde leaves via the back of the stadium in one of

Tronald Dump’s McCow Towne Meat Co. delivery trucks>>


<<as predicted by Ayn Rant, your human resistance is born.  after the Battle at the

Football ‘Merican’ Style!!! Stadium dies down and the smoke clears, the Fearsome

Five decide to split into three teams:>>


<<one group goes to McCow Towne to attempt to find the origin of the Horde>>


<<one group goes to Oklahellmouth City to see what effect the Horde has had



<<one group stays in Normal Towne to organize the citizens against the Horde,

establishing a home-base and driving out or destroying any stray zombie cows or

human slaves>>



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