39 That’s the Way the Monster Melts

That’s the Way the Monster Melts


<<at around two in the afternoon, Free Dave walks through the Black Metal Back

Door of the Bucket o’ Blood.  Notnek holds the door open for Free Dave with one of

his Boss hands and carries a petroleum based plastic grocery sack in the other.  

Notnek leads Free Dave through the kitchen towards the bar.  Notnek looks at the

cleaning job that you and Hopskotch have done and says,>>



“Hurry up and get the four dinner specials going Junior.  When the night help shows up,

I want a word with everyone from the a.m. crew out back.”


<<the “night help” is what Notnek calls the cooks who come in and work the second

shift.  you and the rest of the day crew call them the “B Team”.  Notnek continues

leading Free Dave out of the kitchen.  you turn towards Hopskotch at the dish sink

and mutter,>>


“I do hope Boss is going to fire us all.”


<<Hopskotch Sunday giggles his famous laugh and continues butterflying chicken

breasts in one of the dish pit sinks.  you continue chopping onions and potatoes for

the dinner specials.  chop, dice and repeat until insane.  it is not long until the “B

Team” employees start to show up>>


&&finnegan smiling face&&


“Hooray!  No co-workers called in from jail!”, you say.


<<Notnek takes you, Hopskotch, Free Dave, Angel and Theta out back to the shed for

an official Bucket o’ Blood pot smoke break/debriefing>>


“I know you all want answers about what we just witnessed; but what happened here

today is beyond anyone’s pay grade, mine included.”, starts Notnek.


“Well I can make a couple underpaid speculations…”, interjects Hopskotch Sunday.


<<the entire Bucket o’ Blood crew giggles and passes the marijuana cigarette



“Quiet from the peanut gallery Hop.”, says Notnek.  <<sternly, yet kindly>>

“Where I am going with this, is that I’ve seen some crazy shit in my time as I imagine

some of you have; but what we went through with Duff and now Free Dave…well…thank

you all for your help.  Now let’s hush up about it and get back to real life.”, finishes



<<and with those words, Notnek snatches the joint away from you, takes a puff and

stubs it out.  Notnek then places the joint in the rafters of the shed just above the

door frame, before walking back through the Black Metal Back Door.  leaving you

and your four co-workers in stunned stoned silence>>


“Did we just get positive feedback from the Boss?”, Hopskotch says.


<<Hopskotch asks this to no one in particular.  Angel nods in the affirmative, her

mouth agape>>


“Naaaw, We’re just high.”, you say.


“So we, what, pretend this all never happened?  How can we live like that?”, says Theta.  

<<asking in youthful naivety>>


<<the other four of you turn to your younger co-worker with nostalgia in your eight

red, beady eyes.  you put your hand on Theta’s bare shoulder and say,>>


“Sweetie, that’s how we all get through everyday here.  Try and pretend that it never

really happened.” 


<<you, Angel, Hopskotch Sunday, Free Dave and Theta first look at eachother and

then at the Bucket o’ Blood building.  the five of you collectively sigh, exhaling pot

smoke and head back into the kitchen through the Black Metal Back Door of the

Bucket o’ Blood>>


“I definitely vote for that pretend that it didn’t happen proposal.”, says the Ghost of the

Reverend Duff, now especially Mostly High.



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