36 Flash Back to McCow Towne Correctional Facility

<<Mack has been running from the prison for two days now.  since he overpowered

the guards, climbed over and tore through fences to make his escape; Mack has

been hungry…for flesh.  due to his long years being held in a cage, Mack’s hunger

for freedom is stronger than my virus hunger to replicate; but when Mack sees a

deer happily grazing 10 feet before him…we could wait no longer>>


Flash Back to McCow Towne Correctional Facility


<<Mack went to prison for selling meth to pay for an organ transplant for his son

who was dying.  Methamphetamine or Meth, is a drug usually consumed by the

general public for recreational purposes, such as cleaning house or having sex for

six days straight.  the drug is highly illegal unless it is in the possession of the

Wealthy of the highly connected human population.  scientists  started playing with

amphetamine in 1887 in Germany and methamphetamine, more potent and easy to

make, was developed in Japan in 1919. the drug has been used to treat obesity,

depression and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.  in modern times Meth is

junkie slang short hand for: “i am blind to anything but the need to acquire more of

this shit”.  Methamphetamine is a lot like power, money, human flesh and

processed food in that respect>>


<<Mack tried to go through every legal channel there was to get the funds to save

his son’s life; but nothing generated enough money to make it happen.  so Mack

transported the vile drug from Kaliphonia to TayHass every week for one thousand

dollars a pound.  Mack made the money he needed to save his son’s life; but then

the cops came and drug the drug dealing driver away.  the police charged him with

being on the wrong side of the War on Drugs.  an exceedingly harsh TayHass judge

sent Mack to prison for life.  Mack’s family suffered on for the next twenty years

without him, single mom, children and grandchildren.  Mack rotted in prison,  

Mack was working in the prison food pantry and kitchen when the meat truck

showed up>>  


After 20 years of prison food (both cooking and eating) Mack Vonnegut was diagnosed

with prostate cancer by the prison medical staff.”  <<began Doctor L’Argent du Sang in

a letter to his father, Ace>>  “Luckily for Mr. Vonnegut, the McCow Towne Correctional

Facility works with our research laboratory by providing test subjects.  Without your

influence and financial donations, I am sure the prison would not be as happy to lend

inmates to me and my research team for experimental genetic testing.”


<<the Doctor continues to praise his father and his father’s money in an attempt to

gain more for the duration of that letter.  Doctor L’Argent du Sang visited Mack in

the prison infirmary twice a week to administer, what is listed in the prison

medical reports as, an “Injectable Cancer Controlling Drug.”  Mack had no loss of

strength and no decrease in appetite so common among humans receiving cancer

treatment.  if you would have asked him, because you are nosey like that Finnegan,

Make would have told you that he enjoyed the Doctor’s visits.  Mack found that he

felt amazing after just the first week of treatments.  Mack Vonnegut  had not

realized how much cancer had been kicking his ass.  being in prison and

accustomed to misery, Mack was not aware of the toll cancer had had on his overall

health, his energy level, or his mental attitude>>


&&Mack doing something active&&


<<during week three of his treatments, Mack overheard the Warden talking to the

Doctor about a shipment of a new meat blend that the prison was going to start

serving the inmates and staff.  the meat was locally produced by the McCow Towne

Meat Company.  the Doctor assured the Warden that the new meat would be a

thoroughly enjoyable eating experience for the food consumers at the McCow

Towne Correctional Facility.  as a cook, Mack tests out the new prison food before

serving it to his fellow criminals in lock up.  when the new meat showed up, Mack

was excited to use his new and improved cancer fighting appetite to try it out with.  

after putting up the new meat delivery and trying out a burger before shutting

down the kitchen, Mack is taken back to his cell for lights out.  Mack hears a new

voice in his dreams that night.  the next morning Mack woke up with amazing

strength and agility.  Mack thought he had become spiderman (this i am led to

believe is an old ‘Merican’ Folk Hero of some sort).  on his way to work in the

kitchen that morning, a fellow inmate who wanted to assert his dominance over

Mack cornered him and threatened to sodomize Mack with his bare fist.  Mack

became really angry and ripped of the inmate’s arm and began to beat the man up

with it.  following that short lived fight, a nearby guard tried to subdue Mack with

his baton.  Mack instinctually bit the guards throat (i may have motivated him) and

ripped the esophagus out with one whip of his head.  chaos ensued, leading to Mack

escaping the prison>>
“The reanimated meat then broke out of the kitchen and then took the attention of the

authorities away from the escaping inmate.  The entire prison became a blood bath

within an hour.  I think we can call the experiment a success, and can expect similar

results in the field test.”  <<writes Doctor L’Argent du Sang in closing the letter to his



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