31 The Swell

The Swell

A.K.B.S.A. as … the illuminati


<<IshiZuka, Yukio and the Doctor arrive on the continent of WE-I-U-SH-PT (formerly

known as the Outback Restaurant Island).  the three travelers are greeted by Ace

L’Argent du Sang and Lush Rimbaugh.  Ace is a bald white male with a black and

gray strip of facial hair that runs down his chin.  his body type would be labeled as

“a little extra” on an internet dating site and he wears a gray suit and black dress

shirt with military boots.  Ace smiles and raises dark black eyebrows when he



“Hello son.  Welcome to your new home.”    


<<Ace embraces a reluctant Ruben.  the older man then looks at the sleeping child

that is his grandson>>


“Ahh Thor the baby.  Did he sleep well through the teleportation?”, says Ace.


“He has been such a good baby ever since we picked him up.”, says IshiZuka.


“Umm…yes.”, says the Doctor.


<<Yukio elbows IshiZuka in the ribs.  IshiZuka returns an elbow of his own

knocking the older, smaller brother into another human.  this human is known as

Lush Rimbaugh, Director of the CFR (Controllers of Foreign Realities)>>


“Whoa!  Hold on there boys.  This isn’t play time.  Take that rough housing back to your

own island.”, says Lush Rimbaugh.


<<Yukio and IshiZuka both tense and then instinctively lower their gaze.  Lush

Rimbaugh’s chest swells with pride at being perceivably better than another

human being .  Ace looks from his son and grandson to the other humans in his

vicinity, as if just realizing that he and his family weren’t alone>>


Gentleman, let us all go in for some lunch.  No need to quibble over social hierarchy

now, is there Lush?”, says Ace.


<<Rimbaugh realizes he should feel embarrassment or shame for seeking public

recognition from these powerful and influential people in this private secretive

location.  He does not feel ashamed nor embarrassed  just annoyed that Ace seemed

more concerned at the feelings of the two SamoMayo Brothers.  the men all start to

head up to the big house.  there is a break in the clouds over head and a helicopter

descends upon the gathered illuminati.  between Ace, Ruben and Thor, Lush, Yukio

and IshiZuka and the house they are walking toward lands a helicopter piloted by

Ayn Rant>>


“Well look what the birdie brought us.”, says Ace L’Argent du Sang.


“You won’t believe the gas that comes from your henchman’s ass.”, says Ayn Rant.


<<Ayn Rant strolls up to the four men and a baby and throws her helicopter helmet

to Yukio.  the older SamoMayo Brother catches the helmet and smiles wide at the

complaint about his flatulence>>


“Come Ayn, the boys and I were just about to retire to the reading room to enjoy some

lunch.  We can talk of Dear Yukio’s bowel movements over tea.  Tearany, Read and

sLinkolin are already inside”, says Ace.


<<the group of illuminati walked together and away from the borrowed helicopter.  

they walked in pairs unto the white four story palatial mansion.  the building can

only be described as a complex, because it is complex.  there are wide arches

covering every window and door and balcony and patio.  there is a brown tiled roof

and a pool on the balcony of the third floor.  the mansion is located up in a valley of

lush green trees.  inside and in the library Baby Thor crawls from IshiZuka to Yukio

and back.  Ruben is in a deep conversation with his father.  at a battered oak table

in the center of the room, Lush Rimbaugh and Ayn Rant develop East and West

‘Merican’ policy out of game theory gone wild.  which regions get which resources

and how much and why.  what did regions need to have conflict with what other

regions and for what reason; religion, money or resource?  where in ‘Merica’ should

the police be feared and where in ‘Merica’ should the police be afraid?  how much is

everyones’ money worth and why they should be converting it to something other

than what they have.  in short, the CFR makes the decisions that make the public

realize that they need to be making the decisions>>


&&insert image of the illuminati in this room.  and the others in other rooms of the mansion&&


<<Ayn Rant and Lush Rimbaugh have worked together for years to bring the

illuminati to power.  the two made a grab for power in the West ‘Merican’

Presidential elections some years ago.  when the republican party was at its

weakest, Ayn and Lush used their many influences to bring back the Republican

Party’s most popular President back into power.  this President was so popular

among the West ‘Mericans’ that Ayn and Lush were able to easily manipulate the

‘Merican’ people into taking control of the rest of the troubled countries in the

world.  the world is now under the control of the One World Government, known as

the Party.  the Party is under the leadership of the Russian (SIC) President,

gAberaham sLinkolin.  Tronald Dump is allowed to maintain a show of opposition

in West ‘Merica’ or West Russia (SIC) as it is know here in the East.>>


<<Ayn Rant, Ace L’Argent du Sang, gAberaham sLinkolin, Timothy Tearany, Lush 

Limbaugh they are watching you?>>


<<gAberaham sLinkolin governs the world via electric communications devices

and he travels abroad frequently to make live appearances.  he is still ‘Merica’s

biggest star.  you first read about gAberaham sLinkolin in your childhood history

books.  he was known to have freed the slaves of West ‘Merica’.  Rarl Kove coined

the campaign slogan, “Now sLinkolin shall free us from the slave.”  this was a play

on many West ‘Merican’s racism directed at the then President Barak Obama.  Rarl

Kove worked with Haavard scientist Limothy Tearany to time travel back and

rescue gAberaham sLinkolin from his previous assassination.  Limothy Tearany is

now set loose to run his experiments with time and space.  the scientist seeks to

contact the being known as Anansi the Traveler.  Tearing uses traditional science to

explore the universe, as well as his own brand of medicinal travel.  he is at times

aided by Ace L’Argent du Sang’s magicks.  the two research meditationn as a means

to travel without instrument or machine.  Ace l’Argent du Sang works to

communicate with the ancient illuminati using ritual magick and with his influence

over the dead, of this world and others.  Ace has both influenced and been

influenced by Tearany.  Dyin Read directs the military and works public relations.  

Dori Anisman answers the phones.   you have served under gAberaham sLinkolin

and Dyin Read in the military.>>


<<Ruben had been conducting experiments in McCow Towne, in West ‘Merica’.  the

Doctor had been secretly funded by Ace to further his own black magick schemes.    

Ruben did not tell you that he had been in contact with his father for years.  Ruben

has been conducting separate cell regenerative experiments on both the McCow

Towne cow and prisoner populations.  Ruben was careful never to mix the two

experiments.  when the McCow Towne prison system did the mixing for him, the

Horde was born.  i was born>>


<<the illuminati had soup for lunch that day>>

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