32 Letters to Shilo

Letters to Shilo

From Unkle Bill W BobChange


Dear Shilo,


I realize that last recipe was in poor taste.  Literally if you consider the source.  Here is a

little something for those who have the opportunity to eat with other folks who don’t live

under a bridge…or for folks who still have self respect.  I may of had a drink or two

before that last soup, but this one is as sober as my sentencing judge.  Wait, well you

know what I mean.


Natto Tofu Vegetable Miso soup


Dice and or chop a handful of carrots, two small new/red potatoes, three stalks of celery,

a whole onion and half a cucumber.  Bring to a boil in 5 cups of water…preferably inside

of a large soup pot.   Boil for fifteen minutes.  Make sure to agitate occasionally.  


In a separate pan, sauté a serving or two of Natto (fermented soy beans found in the

freezer section of your local asian grocery store) and a decent chunk of tofu.  Use coconut

oil for the sauté and cover with bread crumbs, stir, then cover again.  Cook on low for

five to ten minutes.  This gives the natto and tofu a pan fried look and taste.  Eat some

and smile.  Add to vegetable soup after vegetables have boiled down for fifteen to twenty

min.  Lower the heat before adding the Natto and Tofu.  Season to taste and cook for ten

to fifteen additional minutes.  I like it when you season with salt, pepper, garlic powder,

paprika (smoked is better), dill, and parsley.  Add a packet of miso powder.  eat and

contemplate your belly button diminishing.

Love and Sadness,

Unkle Bill


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