30 Letters to Shilo

Letters to Shilo

From Unkle Bill W BobChange


Hey Shilo!  You seen any wild turkeys lately?  I ain’t seen one outside the hands of a hobo

unless it was empty dead on the side of the road.  Well you never know what the cook

has put in the pot unless you make it yourself.  That’s what grandma always used to say.  

Ace L’Argent du Sang and gAberaham sLinkcolin and Limothy Tearany and Lush

Rimbaugh and Ayn Rant are watching you, but you know that.  They are watching me

and Tronald and some restaurant owner in a Hawaiian shirt.  I don’t know what the hell

they want.  You can’t guess some peoples’ end game.  What the self proclaimed

intellectuals do for kicks these days…well anyway.  Here is a recipe I got from

my buddy under the bridge yesterday.  And before you ask, yes I have tried cooking this

on the ol’ Hobo Stove.  Enjoy!


Can’t Beat Beet Soup


In a large pot:


Simmer three slices of ham and two beef hot dogs (meat should be diced) in four

cups of water.


Add three stalks and the root of celery.  add one red onion and three carrots.  It

goes better if the vegetables are chopped.


Chop and blend two or three small/medium sized fresh beets with two cups of

water.  Add to soup pot.


Cook for twenty minutes on med-high heat and then twenty minutes on mid-low



Add sour cream to the finished product.  Or perhaps some left over mashed

potatoes and gravy.


Love and Sadness,

Unkle Bill

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