24 Lennon the Lion and Amani Bear

Lennon the Lion and Amani Bear:  

Agents of C.A.R.G.O.


&&&image for each paragraph Amani is wearing a SAMOS t-shirt. a zombie cow version of the ramones&&&


Amani Bear and Lennon the Lion work at the Airport.

They load boxes onto airplanes.

Amani and Lennon use a belt loader to move packages up into the airplane.

This is serious, important work; but Lennon the Lion and Amani Bear make it fun.

Pop Pop drives the airplane over to Amani Bear and Lennon the Lion.


&&pop pop driving plane to the boys n boxes&&


There is a pile of boxes waiting to be loaded into the plane.


The two Agents of C.A.R.G.O. start to load boxes.


Pop Pop walks around the plane and makes sure that it is ready to fly.


Lennon the Lion tells Amani Bear not to make him do all the work.


Amani Bear reminds Lennon the Lion to make sure not to load any Bad Boxes/


The Airplane can only fly if it is loaded safely.


&&pop pop and amani and lennon point to the plane and the boxes and look at the reader of the book  behind the plane is Lenny V&&


Oh No!  Lenny V is trying to sneak a Bad Box onto the plane!!


Do you think Lennon the Lion and Amani Bear will see the Bad Box Before it goes on the plane?


&&&image of below stuff&&&


Lenny V Laughs as he watches Pop Pop and Amani Bear miss the Bad Box as goes up the belt loader.


Just before the Bad Box goes into the plane, Lennon the Lion sees it and he jumps into the air!


Lennon the Lion lands on the belt loader and throws the Bad Box off and down to Amani Bear.


Lennon the Lion jumps down.


Amani Bear spots Lenny V sneaking off.


Lenny V is hiding behind the plane with another Bad Box.


Lennon the Lion and Amani Bear chase Lenny V away from the airport.


&&image of Pop Pop flying the plane toward the reader&&


The End.


<<that was nice.  i am going to expect more bedtime stories from here on out you know>>


&&image Finnegan walking out of Baby Thor’s room, looking at the sleeping child over her shoulder&&


<<let us now introduce some more of our stories main characters>>



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