17 Letter to Shilo


4 6 3 8 A B K 2 4 A L G M O R 3 Y X 24 89 R P S T O V A L.  

What meant this, o prophet?  Thou knowest not; nor shall thou know ever.  There cometh one to follow thee: he shall expound it.  but remember, o chosen one, to be me; to follow the love of Nu in the star-lit heaven; to look forth upon men, to tell them this glad word.”

– The Commentaries of AL, 1975



Letter to Shilo,

from Unkle Bill W BobChange

Shilo, sing this with me:

“The ants eat the worms eat the people eat the cows eat the grass the ants crawl on the


Shilo man, let me tell you of Jobe Arrt Rohonson….like you ain’t heard a’ him.

A fellow blues musician, singer of our new song, and a man suffering with the fact that

he is growing up and getting older than a young man should.  Jobe is a man suffering

with his mortality and quest for sobriety.  Lord stop me if you’ve lived this one before.  

Yeah dude-bro, you said, sugar, chocolate, nicotine, aspirin, and 3.2 beer are all good

options to get you past the first week and off that liquor man.  


But we are moving beyond those poisons as well in our quest, no?

Yeah, I’m saying worry about cutting those out much later in the future. Ice cream really

fucking works sometimes.  If you’re still drinking wine mix it down with water.  If you’re

still drinking wine mix it down with water.  Cut the poison.   Take the right amount, you

said.  Sip the drink calmly while you wait, HavelDoug would always say.


So did you know, Shilo, that in East ‘Merica’, they don’t actually call their country East

‘Merica’?  That’s right!  They call it East Russia(SIC).  And they call us West Russia(SIC).  

The map of the world looks totally different from their side of the world perspective as

well.  It really is like going to another planet…or finding out your sun is not the center of

the galaxy.  I hear if gAberaham sLincolin can’t steal power here from Tronald Dump,

then he is just gonna claim control of West ‘Merica’/Russia(SIC) from his mirror position

of power over in the Gremlin’s Tower.  I say, that ever since Daniel killed their dragon via

disembowelment the Russian’s have been super pissed at the sons of the six kings.


I honestly didn’t know I was on the old path of drinking and despair.  I thought I saw the

world differently than the normals. Thought I was brighter, special.  That I had some

actual insight into the reality of all things.  The reality of all thugs.   But I read the same,

was in the same story as every other booze swilling scavenger.  The ants eat the worms

eat the people eat the cows eat the…..


Reading, Drinking and Writing.  But hey buddy!  No nicotine.  I used wine to ween away

the DT’s.   Still suffering from hypertension pretty bad and extreme insomnia.  But I’m

gonna try some sleep meds for a regular bedtime tonight.  I’m drinking a cucumber and

banana smoothie and folding laundry.   Gonna try a meeting tonight.  Gonna go back to

the library and talk to the folks.  Gonna apologize for urinating on the carpet.  Are you

staying hydrated man?   As Jobe Arrt Rohonson used to sing, “Yes sir I am.”  But not just

on wine this time.  I’m drinking just enough alright?  I’m only half way through this box

today, and I can see it lasting until tomorrow.  I didn’t get any older today Shilo.  I didn’t

get any older.

I walked by a field of cows.  Cows like there are here in the Oklahellmouth.  It’s dark and

I’m an idiot so I took off ma shoe and threw it into some cow shit and told the cows to go

fuck themselves.  I’m gonna go walk these dead dogs.  They aren’t getting any older

neither Shilo.  

Take off the other shoe, smell it for cow shit and throw it at the president.


Love and sadness,

Unkle Bill


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