11 Pro-life Pro-log


<<hey you>>




Hrrrrnnnn………What?  Me?


<<yeah you, Drinkety Drunk.  heads up>>



It is dark and my head feels like an olympic size swimming pool.  I am stuck, dead center.  I am floating.  I am only a head, no body.  I am immobile…and there’s this voice talking to me…


<<Prelude to your madness:>>

Vladimir GAberaham Linkynd:

It is a cool summer night in Cametaride, Masseschew, West ‘MErica’. It is a moment of siege and this moment is July, 1775, Anno Domini. A tall pale man in a blue coat stands in the doorway of a wooden building. The man massages his rib cage and feels the cool night air as it flows in and out of his lungs. This man’s name is Adam Washington. He watches a woman in her 30’s stitch stars made of white cotton fabric onto a blue cotton square. Each star is marked with an eye that looks out accusingly at any viewer of the flag. Adam sips warm water from a nearby flask. He turns to put down his drink and looks at a military map on the table just inside the doorway he stands in. We know not if Adam liked what he read on the map because his attention is suddenly pulled back to the scene outside the doorway. The woman sewing stars is gone and in her place is a cow. The cow turns to look at Adam. Adam does not like the look of the cow. He yells, “Go away!”, at the four legged being.

The cow does not leave Adam. Instead the cow rushes at Adam and knocks him to the floor inside the wooden building.

The cow stands over the fallen Washington, pinning him to the floor with its thick hooves. Adam struggles with the beast until he is interrupted by the footsteps of another man walking through the doorway.

“Weishaupt?! What in hell do you want now? Get this monster off of me Gee-ogre, please!”, cries Adam.

Gee-ogre Weishaupt ignores the call of Adam. He proceeds to raise his hands, which hold a gun to the eye level of the fallen Adam. We don’t know if Weishaupt would have killed Washington just then, for he himself is struck to the ground by a blow from a man portentous and gaunt. This man wears a black beard and stovepipe hat.

“Vladimir GAberaham Linkynd, at your service gentlemen. I am afraid only one of you are to leave here alive.”, says the bearded, stovepipe hat wearing rogue. Adam and Gee-ogre are both discouraged, because the man threatening at least one of their lives is carrying a giant axe in his hands. A stern black haired woman joins  Linkynd in the doorway and puts a hand on his shoulder.

“Hurry up and kill him. Adam has a country to win a war for.”, says the grim faced woman.

She sips an amber liquid from a highball glass and smokes a black cigarette as she watches on emotionlessly.

“Don’t you mean Gee-ogre?”, asks Vladimir GAberaham Linkynd.

He raises his axe and steps into the room. Screams of bloodshed and terror fill the wooden building. The austere woman raises a fresh cigarette to her lips and lights it with a zippo lighter.

“Sure, whomever. The hour is late and we have a spider’s web to climb.”, she says, exhaling smoke.

Men Scream. Blood Splatters. And a Cow goes Moo.

Brought to you by the National Endowment for the Dark Arts.

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