12 An independent study shows:

‘MErican’President Dump in a letter to Vladimir GAberaham Linkynd:

To my most excellent sincere, Best Friend, Vladimir GAberaham Linkynd

I tell you V-Dubbs, I have created enough digital diary content on book face over the span of enough years to conduct emotional weather forecast research on myself.
I wonder how voice dictation is going to change the English language through use of the MyPhone and text messaging.
I think the business minded managerial hijackers with humanitarian motivations could take over UPS and FedEx companies and end world under hunger famine and, and, and the spread of disease.
I don’t want to spend my time on acquiring shiny things that I don’t need or to waste more time thinking of women that I don’t want to love.
The hand me down rise of Third World nations thru logistics companies overthrown, business turned humanitarian from the inside.  My fortune cookie, It told me I’m attached but I’m emotionally unavailable.

V-Dubbs, I think our government should eradicate taxes on small businesses, local minded businesses and then put the financing of local public education in their hands as well.  The businesses are educating their families and their communities, their workers and their customer base.  The more we educate ourselves, the smarter we get.
Invest in books you always said, right V-Dubbs, ol’ boy?

A great man once said: The meaning of Economiks is choice.  R-squared is just meaning “how well does the model explain the variation.”, and that man was me.

Love and bigly words, and to our long lasting and super enduring friendship,

Big D.



Vladimir GAberaham Linkynd in a letter to President Dump:

Big D!!

How are you my little buddy?  I tip my stove pipe hat to you.  Thank you very much for the heads up on the Lord Isis terrorists And their anti-Russian (s.i.c.) & ‘MErican’ shenanigans.

Tell her your Yiddish illuminati liberals that the left-wing cannot strap us all back to the gold standard, it could force our countries to pursue deflationary policies at exactly the time when we need expansionary measures to address rising unemployment of our Proles.   Make Russia_sic & ‘MErica’ mo’ betta again and again, no?

Wine is not made in a day nor are factories that build hybrid cars running on sunshine and rainbows.

Yours truthfully in coercion,

Vlad the imp tailor

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