09 The extended discouraging political life of AuxHillary KimTong

“I love Billy Bonka.  I worship Billy Wonka.  Bow down before the machine.  I feed the machine….therefore, I am the machine!!!
Rise above the restrictions we impose upon ourselves!

After I break through the glass ceiling I will personally guarantee the installation of more Billy Bonka machines in every small town casino.
You are one with the illuminati, and we believe in you.

The feeling you get when you hear Gene Wilder cheering you on as you win back the twenty republic credits that you fed the machine…those are the moments that our forefathers fought wooden tooth and nail for.  Those are the feels I get, when I think about you, the ‘Mercian’ people who elected me to serve you.

I would not be here doing what I am today if you all weren’t out there doing what you do.”

– AuxHillary Kim Tong
<<A West ‘Merican’ presidential speech that was never delivered.>>

illuminati information dissemination:

Today the roads of West ‘Merica’ and car tires are made of plastic.  And AuxHillary’s automobile and readymade road manufacturers have magnetized the plastics so that the tires “magick themselves” up off of the road and into the air, gliding along the roads that way.
The Kim Tong roads and bridges infrastructure revitalization was a sure way to get AuxHillary through the glass ceiling and into office.  The illuminati had  all the pieces on the board.  Oh MaryAnne where are you now?

A kindsoul told me that the machine would not feed me exactly what I fed it in return.  I knew this to be true…but I emptied all of my pockets once again.

Now Kim Tong says,

“I was the best at being second place. Now I’m just the runner up.  These words all come from a place of darkness. So, I have to go a little dark sometimes to recount them all. ”


<<Oh AuxHillary….where are you now?>>

<<the illuminati swim team had intended to build up the participating countries infrastructure through ForceWork restructuring, a finance incentive that was promoted by the Kim Tong Foundation.  Tronald Dump’s intellectual property rights lawyers got ahold of AuxHillary’s program blue prints and filed patent ahead of her office.  it seems that there was a mix up in the security of the Kim Tong email servers.  new East ‘Merican’, a.k.a. Russian (sic), email servers have been installed in the illuminati computer community.>>

<<Tronald Dump and Vladimir Linkeyedin have been slowly educating their populations on macro and micro economics series.  North Korean leaders have decried these theories is witchcraft and sorcery in and have this been kicked off the illuminati swim team>>


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