Trump replaces Bannon with Dalai Lama

Is it an attempt to throw off the liberal alternative fact based mainstream media?  Or has Donald Trump’s spirituality finally gone Bigly?
The know nothing digest’s own Fawn Keff Jennedy interviewed the man in orange on Airforce One yesterday afternoon.  

Good morning mister president!  What’s on your mind today?

“Open mic eh, Jennedy?  I like the cut of your jib.  Ok.  I saved America money by switching to Geico and now I’m going to save our next incarnation by helping America realize her true will.  If I can’t get His Holiness to introduce me to my HGA, then the deal is off.  Brannon’s back in.  Kushner and his gay black lover can get over it.  I’m mean what happens in Russia, stays in Russia.  Am I right Vladimir? Or am I right?”

I know that’s right mister president!

“Anyway, I’m gonna win another one for America by retiring Airforce One.  Corporate jets are out.  Thanks Obama.”  


“It’s hard to be this funny in this good looking you know, Fawn?”

Sure.  Yes sir.  

“But seriously, I’m going to start flying my family, the Secret Service and myself on United, or I know I can get a seat anytime I damn well please.  That’s all for now Fawn. Go away. Don’t mess this up and there’s a position for you at the hotel.”

Yes sir! 

It seems the administration staffing shake up is not over yet.  More as the story develops!  TTFN

Fawn Keff Jennedy, KND Intern Writer

This article of information was paid for in part by customer oriented companies such as United Airlines, the big lot of trolls that they are.  

And from an endowment from

These abusive professionals.  Thx bud. 

Theknownothingdigest reports the unbiased opinions in an alternative factual manner.  Do what thou wilt is the whole law y’all’s.  


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