How to put the Bamboo into your Pants

By Jim Proof, KND Fashion Patriot

I am wearing underwear made out of bamboo.  Sounds like enemy torture out of a 70’s Chuck Norris flick, but it’s not.  

It’s actually pretty darn comfy, and breathable in the extreme.  

Disclaimer: I wish this were a paid advertisement.  But it’s not so I’m not using any brand names.  

As a high heat producer and person who’s genitalia has functioning sweat glands, I was intrigued when I came up against the concept of breathable underwear.  

I recall the times (as perhaps many of you do as well…hmmm?) that when I worked in the kitchen or outdoors for hours on end, that the fire down below was quite unpleasant and resulted in lingering heat rashes.  

“Does Mr. Proof make poor choices in sexual sparring partners?”, you may be asking yourself. No my friends (well actually the answer is yes, but that has nothing to do with this story) I haven’t caught anything but admiration for undergarment technology.  

Chuck Palahniuk was inspirational, when he vowed never to be completed by a “build it yourself” yin yang coffee table.  But while attempts at self improvement through internet purchases cannot always succeed; they can if you’re searching for better functionality in undergarments.   If you’re in the market for used underwear from a west Idaho truck stop lot lizard, the Internet has that too.  But I recommend brand new bamboo  boxers from the Amazons.

This story was brought to you in part by:

White House Wire Tapping inc.  

Come for the Alt Facts, stay for the McCarthyism !

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