02 The Wolf Trap

<<there is an ancient luxury sedan, a Murry-sayD’s Bendz, driving down the old broken highways of the Oklahellmouth. inside the car, alternately rolling up and then resigning to roll the windows down again are three passengers, two male and one female (all three are human.) the windows roll up due to the wind rolling across the flat plains of the Oklahellmouth, kicking up the red dirt along the way. there is a saying that the dirt is red due to all the blood that has been spilled on and in the name of this land, the capital of West ‘Merica’. then after a few minutes the windows go down again because the car is old and the air-conditioning is weak. the occupants of the car seek fresh air, or just different air. the seek out oxygen that is unpolluted by gases and odors emitted by their bodies. the human gas pollution is most strongly affecting the female occupant, who is seated in the front passenger seat of the traveling vehicle. her name is Ayn Rant, a stern faced philosophical writer and government advisor who specializes in Ethical Egotism. she is currently working in ‘Merican’ President Tronald Dump’s administration as Secretary of State Resource Control. Ayn Rant is presently engrossed in the imaginary world displayed on the screen of her MyPhone. she is communicating with Yukio and IshiZuka’s (the other two humans in the car) boss, and also with the ‘Merican’ President. Ayn Rant is mainly trying to escape her current reality and companions>>

<<Yukio turns to his brother, IshiZuka (whom Yukio endearingly calls Zukio) and says,>> “There is much to know and even more to learn to desire in this world. At the moment, right now, I only know enough to be really, really, miserable.”

<<Yukio sits up in his seat and smooths out his wrinkled Harmony suit coat. it is a replica of the black one IshiZuka wears>>

“It is important not to desire to give up more than you are able to, you know?”, says IshiZuka.

<<he motions with his giant light brown hand as he speaks>>

“Blah Blah, Desire, Blah, Blah…you know…I dunno!!”,says Yukio.

<<Yukio loves to mock IshiZuka in his responses>>

“Well…”, says Zukio, <<drawing out the word as if in contemplation,>> “Do you know if you would like a cup of tea Yukio?”

<<Yukio nods his head in the affirmative and accepts the planet killing styrofoam cup from his brother. it is Jasmine green tea with a small amount of honey>>

“All I do is drink Jasmine and watch ‘Merican’ news on television. It’s depressing.”, says Yukio.

<<his voice is soft and somewhat high pitched. one might find it a bit surprising coming from the throat of such a large and muscular human male. both Ishizuka and his brother are men of impressive size and strength, with their ancestors’ characteristic warrior stature, which makes them more eye catching as the drive their boss’ compact car down the red dusty Oklahellmouth back roads. they are Maori men originally from the islands south of the coast of East ‘Merica’. the two men have thick curly black and brown hair in droves and very sparse facial hair. they both are quiet and alert men. Ishizuka looks like a giant beatific statue that has come to life as he walks through the land of West ‘Merica’. Yukio on the other hand smiles as if he were a shark that swam inland and decided to sprout legs and lungs and keep on hunting>>

“The only things ‘Merican’ news people talk about on the television is murder and rape. And politicians and movie stars getting caught doing horrible things…like murder and rape.”, says Yukio, his eyes red and wild from too much television.

<<IshiZuka is driving and nods in agreement as he looks on through the windshield and the dying insects that it collects. Yukio rides in the backseat and hangs his massive arm out of the window, waving at the occasional farmer that they pass along the way>>

“What do you think Zukio?”, Yukio asks his younger brother.

“I think you watch too much crappy ‘Merican’ television. Except that one show about the pawnshop owners. That one, that one is good. That show is funny. And I like the odd stuff that these strange West ‘Merican’ people think is worth money and bring in to sell.”, replies IshiZuka.

<<he is waving his right hand across the dashboard and bringing it down in a sweeping motion as he steers with his left. to IshiZuka (and the average person from his island for that matter) West ‘Merica’ is a completely different country that is in pseudo-military occupation of their country/islands. in fact, that is pretty much the view held by most of the people on this planet. West ‘Merican’s are seen as pseudo-military house guests/door to door salesmen.>>

“You’re not getting it dear brother.”, says Yukio angrily. “The whole reason we left the island was to find opportunity. To make something of our lives, not to drive around in Mister Boss’s shiny tiny car and make people do what he asks. This isn’t living. We watch the world burn around us. Here in the countryside the crops wilt in the heat, the cows eat and shit, and then the city people eat and shit the cows. Everyone here wants to escape this “land of opportunity” and run away to an Island!”, says Yukio, gesturing with his styrofoam teacup in sad triumph.

<<at this Ayn Rant puts down her cellphone world and throws head back laughing. the brothers become quiet as their forgotten companion reinserts herself into their world.>>

“You innocent fuckers are hilarious.”, says Ayn Rant at the end of her laughing fit. “I need a drink. Have you got anything other than that thermos of dirty green water back there Zukio?”

“I’m Yukio.”, says Yukio from the back seat. “And no, we don’t consume or transport liquor. If that is what you are asking.”

“Well, we shall have to remedy that after we pick up the Boy Genius.”, says Any Rant.

<<she picks up her cellphone and goes back to pretending the Brothers and this car ride do not exist.>>

“This is good tea, than you Brother.”, Yukio says.

“Glad it is to your liking Brother!”, responds IshiZuka with a large, peaceful grin.

<<IshiZuka has no other size grin.>>

“No Yukio, It is you who does not see the big picture. I think it is because you, like them, sit and watch the news all day. We have clean clothes and clean water! Food is so plentiful here, and we can sit around in houses or hotels that have machines that make the air clean and circulate it at whatever temperature we may desire! It is not the glory and the fame you wished for sitting on the front porch with your feet in the sand back home, but it is a strange paradise all of its own”, says IshiZuka.

<<IshiZuka (or Zukio as his brother endearingly calls him) steers the Murry-sayD’s Bendz off of the dirt roads and onto the paved road. the three humans are heading to a laboratory in the city of MickAlester Cowley. it is the ninth month of this world’s twelve month calendar year and the weather in the Oklahellmouth is warm. the previous few months have been unpleasantly hot, but nature seems to be bringing some cool relief down upon the dusty Mid-West Oklahellmouthian Plains. The Samo Brothers and Ayn Rant are still alternatively rolling down and then up the car windows and turning the air conditioner on and off as they drive. both men are sweating in their expensive name brand suits, but they prefer to have the fresh air coming in through the windows and the option of dangling their tree trunk sized arms out into the outside world. Ayn Rant wears a black gown that is a bit too thick for this season, on this continent (apparently her wardrobe even wants to be someplace else). we can dream to be anyone, anywhere we want to be. enjoying life is all about appreciating the illusion of freedom.>>

“So what are we doing for the Boss in this cow town?”, Yukio asks his younger brother.

<<Yukio takes another sip of his Jasmine Tea.>>

“As I told you when I woke you up from your second nap this morning and again when we met Miss Rant on the train an hour ago; we are here to persuade a scientist to come with us to see the Boss.”, answers IshiZuka, in his characteristically calm tone of voice.

“You of course remember Doctor L’Argent du Sang’s work in human regenerative teeth growth? Gene manipulation instigating the growth of third and fourth sets of adult teeth. The Doctor still has lawsuits from the ‘Merican’ Dental Association pending against him for that one. Ha ha ha.”, says Ayn Rant.

<<she does not take her eyes off of her phone as she speaks. IshiZuka and Yukio both rub their jaws and pray for missing teeth to regenerate. IshiZuka drives the car into the research hospital parking lot and brings the car to rest. he looks over at his brother and waits for Yukio to show some sort of reaction to IshiZuka’s speculation on ‘Merican’ Society or his disdain towards Yukio’s attention span or even Ayn Rant’s celebrity gossip dribble; but Yukio does none of these things. He instead puts on a pair of dark sunglasses and says,>>

“Come on Zukio, let’s go collect the Boss’s Scientist.”, as he pulls himself free of the car’s grip and steps into the Oklahellmouth sunshine.

<<Ayn Rant puts away her cellphone triumphantly and salutes IshiZuka.>>

“There’s been a change of plans. I’m leaving you now to meet with Lush Rimbaugh to discuss various aspects of West ‘Merican’ policy which are beyond both your pay grade and comprehension. Good day dear Brothers. Stock the car with a more spiritually expansive beverage supply next time, will you my good men?”, declares Ayn Rant as she takes her leave.

Stopping short and pointing at the Brothers, “Meaning scotch.”, says Ayn Rant.

<<Ayn Rant turns and walks away from the Murray-sayD’s Bendz and struts toward a helicopter pad, located at the end of the sloping hospital parking lot. the helicopter is labeled “Med-Evac” and is used to transport patients to and from the hospital. human patients come to McCow Towne General Hospital from small towns located outside and in between the major cities of Mickalister Cowley and greater Oklahellmouth City. Ayn Rant walks up to a helicopter pilot who is exiting the flying machine. IshiZuka watches as Ayn Rant gestures with her hands to belittle and insult the pilot’s intelligence. the pilot takes the helmet off of her head, releasing an impressive mane of red hair into the Oklahellmouth wind. the hemet is then flying through the air, rapidly covering the distance between it and Ayn Rant’s favorite head. Ayn Rant snatches the helmet out of the air and climbs into the cockpit of the helicopter. the pilot exits the helipad and walks past IshiZuka and then into the hospital. IshiZuka’s huge chest heaves a great sigh of relief as Yukio finally crawls out of the Big Rich Man’s tiny car.>>

“Nice of you to join me Brother.”, says IshiZuka.

“Did you know that Mickalister Cowley is about twelve hours east of Oklahellmouth City (OKHC) by car, and only two hours if one takes the train? The OKHC Rail Transit System is immensely popular since its inception in the last decade. Unemployment on the continent of Oklahellmouth fell, alcohol related driving arrests dropped and there was a sharp decrease in the over all crime rate. There hasn’t been such a dramatic rise in the national pride and morale of the average Oklahellmouthian since Normal Towne’s Ticky Tacky University (three stones throws south of OKHC) started televising it’s cheerleading practice before football games.”, says Yukio in one giant breath.

“How very informative Brother. Shall we get to work?”, says IshiZuka, gesturing in the direction of the hospital

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